LIAM’s Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday

WELCOME TO LIAM’S 1ST BIRTHDAY!  DECOR This party was a ton of fun to create! We did a lot of hands on work for this event and we stuck to the traditional color palate of red, yellow & black. As the guests … Continue reading

Welcome Royal Prince Baby Shower

This Welcome Prince baby shower was created for a special Baby Boy! We used Royal Blue & Gold to represet royalty as well as for a luxurious and modern vibe.  Sweet treats on the dessert table included a golden crown cake, shimmering … Continue reading

Once Upon A Time…

Once Upon a Time, there was a mom-to-be who dreamed of her Baby Shower enchanting her guests with all the sweetness that only a Princess could bring… Today Favors & More gives you a taste of Xiomara’s Baby Shower! Princesses … Continue reading

Sugar Rush!

Growing up, every girl dreams of having a BIG Sweet 16 Party.  Besides their wedding, many girls become excited as they plan what their party theme would be.  The themes have become more & more unique so instead of the usual “Pink & … Continue reading

Is it a boy or is it a girl?

Having a baby is such a blessing! You get to eat all the food you want and no one can say anything to you lol, but we all know what comes with that belly … A BABY SHOWER!!

Many couples like to find out what the gender of their baby will be, and there are also a lot of people who choose to wait for the big day. How can you prepare a baby shower when you don’t know what the gender of the baby is?

We were recently hired to set up a dessert table for a Surprise Baby Shower, where the Mother-to-be did not know what the gender of the baby was. We added both pink and blue to represent both boy and girl.

photo 3


Custom sign read “What will baby Allen Be?”












photo 2


There were alot of DIY projects done by the aunt-to-be and she did an awesome job. She made the diaper cake centerpieces, which came out super cute. She also made the marshmallow pop rattles, the party favors, the jars with the straws, the banners and the cupcakes! Check them out:




photo 4


* * * * * * * * * * *

When the parents-to-be want to play a guessing game with their guests they sometimes add either blue or pink to the inside of the cake so that when they cut the cake open, the gender will be revealed.



Thank you for reading!



Candy Anyone?

Candy Anyone?

Let’s be honest, besides my beautiful grandmother and probably yours, not many people want to take home party favors after an event anymore.  “So what should we give our guests as a ‘Thank You’?” you may ask.  Here’s a suggestion…How … Continue reading

Sneak Peek Sunday – Candyland Sweet 16

Check us out on Instagram for sneak peek of the Candyland Sweet 16 we worked on today: @favors_and_more

Photo Aug 25, 7 49 25 PM

Venue:  Galloping Hill Caterers, Located at 325 Chestnut Street, Union, New Jersey (908) 686-2683

The remarkably talented Rosie Castillo from Cakes Around the Rosie; (347) 674-3894 took care of the Planning of this event, topsy-turvy Candyland cake, all Items on tables including Centerpieces, Gumball Favors, Paper Products on the tables

Candyland candy buffet, backdrop, handmade pleated table skirt, Cake Table Tutu Table Skirt: Favors & More, LLC; Instagram/Twitter: @favors_and_more

Paper Products on the Candy buffet including Candyland Sign by Leydi Rodriguez; Instagram: @LeyDesigns

Chocolate covered pretzels, Cake Pops, Chocolate Oreos, Marshmallow Pops by Betsania Cruz Salcedo from Penthouse Sweets

Mini Cupcakes made by Carol Toribio-Cepeda;  Follow on Pinterest

Lighting (under cake table and candy table) provided by Amable Hamilton Yalong from the Key Music-Group; Instagram: @iam_amable

Special thanks to:

  • Yomaris Maldonado (our amazing mother) for helping us make the colorful backdrop
  • O’dany Tavarez for helping pick up various items and for your all of your moral support!
  • Christopher Valerio (Wedding planner extraordinaire) for helping us set-up our display. Instagram: @Christophervalerio.


Lovely Tiffany Blue Baby Shower

This Tiffany Inspired Baby Shower for a BabyGirl took place in New Rochelle and was a lot of fun to decorate.

The venue was gorgeous and overlooked the city.  We made two different centerpieces as there were many tables.  One was a floral centerpiece and the other Tiffany like gift boxes.  The Candy and Pastry Buffets were a Sweet hit and all of the details meshed together perfectly.  Let Favors & More LLC take care of your Tiffany Inspired Event!

282354_490589994291345_546276146_n     602390_490590730957938_792257836_n     394666_490589867624691_1963065681_n

229941_490592117624466_274242604_n         250868_490593957624282_895407995_n282201_490589640958047_1021314065_n

 487367_490590257624652_667216671_n     306509_490590200957991_1437471584_n

426301_490591124291232_508273482_n     564151_490590420957969_1727878476_n     553841_490591047624573_792514368_n

Boxed and Floral Centerpieces, Favors, Candy Buffet & Set-Up by Favors & More, LLC.
Pastry Buffet by Charity Bynoe Isler
Dominican Cake by Bizcocho De Colores
Venue Location:  New Rochelle, NY

For more images of this event, please click HERE.

Mickey Mouse Club House Extravaganza!

You’re Invited to The Mickey Mouse Club House Extravaganza!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a traditional theme, that is a favorite among so many children and parents! We designed this delightful Mickey Mouse party for Mason’s 1st birthday! With a colorful twist, this party was unique, playful and lots of fun! These ideas can be altered to fit any Mickey (or Minnie) Mouse party by adjusting the colors and patterns to make it your own design. Enjoy!

Photo Dec 14, 10 03 36 PM DSC_0842 19311_589635304386813_1838234491_n

Turn Your Living Room into The Mickey Mouse Club House!! It’s amazing how you can transform a room ( Before and After)!

“Mason’s Clubhouse Banner” made by Favors & More, LLC

Cake and Candy Table Set-up

Party Favors
Clubhouse Party Favor Boxes filled with little gadgets for the children

Bring Mickey to the party ~ Life size Mickey Mouse balloon arrangement

Fruit Cups Mickey Mouse Toppers

582438_589635551053455_1914029334_n 3804_589635534386790_2102744808_n
Cake Pops & Pretzels provided by Penthouse Sweets

Mickey Mouse Shaped Cookies By Olga of Cupkery

Gummy Bears & Sixlets

Assorted Gumballs & Rock Candy Pops

Personalized Candy Buffet Boxes

Hand Painted Mickey Mouse Clay Pot Centerpieces


Personalized Candy Display

230721_589637761053234_328285444_n 65882_589638117719865_444941572_n

14868_589637821053228_2139917141_n 184451_589637824386561_915407548_n

“Gawrsh, we sure had fun at the clubhouse today. And now we get to have more fun! Yippee!” Goofy


  • Party Styling and Decorations – Set-up, balloon arrangements and all paper products by Favors & More, LLC. For more images of this party click HERE.
  • Mickey Cake Pops, Chocolate covered Pretzel sticks and Chocolate Lollipops by Betsania Cruz Salcedo of PentHouse Sweets.
  • Mickey Cookies by Olga Mariel German-Badia of Cupkery.
  • Cupcakes and cake by El Panadero Bakery in Washington Heights.
  • A special thanks to Funny Freddy the Magic Clown & Sons for bringing so many smiles!



Dessert Time!

When you think of special events such as Weddings and Birthday parties, one thing that comes to mind is the dessert…particularly the cake that is typically cut and distributed at the end of the night. When the cake comes out, it tells the guests that the event is almost over and it is sometimes considered taboo to leave any special event before the cake is cut! In the Dominican culture you haveeeee to have cake anddddd you have to take a piece home for the people who didn’t make it to the party! I love my culture!

A traditional cake can get costly, especially because of the price of fondant and some gourmet fillings can really put a dent in your budget. Cake slices can cost upwards of $10 per slice and that’s before the frills, delivery charge, tax etc.! To help with the cost and/or to break the mold of the traditional cake cutting ceremony, some couples are opting for one or more of the options listed below for the guests to enjoy:

  • Cupcakes – an elegant cupcake tower can definitely be a memorable way to share your sweet love and the cool thing is that you can have a variety of flavors to choose from so your guests may choose a flavor they love! This may also be a cost effective method.
  • A Donut Tower – You can dress these up and really make a great impression on your guests. Truth be told… who doesn’t LOVE donuts?!? For more images of this wedding, click HERE.


  • A Pie Table – This can definitely be budget friendly because if you have family members or friends that are awesome bakers, you can ask them to kindly bring a different home-baked pie. Otherwise you can hire an awesome bakery that specializes in pies and you have a hit!
  • Unfrosted cake – A bit less expensive than a regular fondant or frosted tiered cake and can look really unique and beautiful! Cake below by: Momofuku Milk Bar. For more images of this wedding, click HERE.


  • Cake Pops – Yummy bite-size cakes that come in a variety of flavors, can be customized to almost any design now-a-days and are quite filling too!
  • Ice Cream – you can have a sundae-bar and have a variety of ice cream flavors and toppings with this option.
  • Dessert Shots – various types of desserts in little cups can be displayed on towers, at a dessert station/bar.
  • Candy Buffets – This visually appealing, self-serve option is a guarantee brownie-point winner. You can just offer up tons of yummy sweet treats, which can be considered a favor for your guests as well! Guests love Favors & More candy buffets!

Whatever you decide to go with, I’m sure your guests will be pleased because most people looooove sweets! Good luck with your decision and enjoy!!