DIY Project: Mason Jars

Looking for a semi-low-cost, awesome looking centerpiece that has a classic look with a vintage flair?   Here is a quick DIY project that may save you some money and will have your guests wanting to take all of your fabulous looking creations home with them!

What you will need:

  • Mason Jars.  They come in various sizes and have regular and wide openings.  You can purchase them online (Amazon), Craft stores (such as Michaels or A.C. Moore) or you can get them at some dollar stores (Jack’s 99 cent stores carries a variety of sizes!).


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  • Various Tools you will need to decorate the mason jars include (but are not limited to):  Scissors, Glue (Hot Glue gun preferred), Ribbon (in various styles/colors/widths), Twine/Rope, and you can get a can of spray paint to paint some of them.  You can also purchase or make little flowers made of paper, fabric or felt to decorate the vases to your liking.

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  • You can overlap the decorative items you have to have various designs and to keep the jars cute and interesting looking. Feel free to use a good amount of glue as it may come off easily when on glass.

Photo Jun 02, 1 14 04 AM

  • When you are done decorating the jars, you can add flowers (if you have a large number of arrangements to make, and/or if it’s for a very special occasion like your wedding, it is best to work with a florist on this project…contact us for a Quote!), floating candles and/or short branches to decorate an event.
  • You can also use these decorative pieces in your living room, kitchen or office to hold pens and pencils!
  • Below are some images of the finished products that we made for a recent wedding.  The couple wanted a vintage look that we paired with Birch Vase Centerpieces.  The wedding was stunning!




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Photographer:  Pepper Negron