Picking the perfect venue!

When preparing for an event, one of the most crucial (if not THE MOST crucial) aspects of planning is picking a venue. Choosing the right location can make or break the success of an event; even a small oversight can cause major setbacks for all attendees.

Researching meeting destinations and negotiating with venues can be time consuming, overwhelming and in many cases, it is difficult to know if you are really getting a good deal. Here are the top three ways to select the ideal destination for your next event, without breaking the bank, or your head!

1. Theme
Make sure that your site selection perfectly frames the central theme of your event. This may seem a bit self-explanatory, but with a detailed and specific concept in mind, knowing where to begin will be much easier. Although it’s not mandatory, having a theme in mind will help keep the event planning more focused and ultimately will save time in the planning process and research by limiting the number of inadequate venues to sort through. Which leads us to our next practice…

2. NO is just as good as YES
Don’t be afraid to say no! Part of choosing the right venue is knowing what you don’t want. We suggest that you question and negotiate with vendors in order to accommodate your needs. Denying a venue is about as good as considering one, it allows you to narrow down your choices and define specifically what you want. Remember never settle!

3. Location, Location, Location
Transportation costs can become a large part of your event spends if your venue’s location is not chosen carefully. Venues that are selected in close proximity to public transportation can limit attendee travel time, increase attendance of offsite activities, and decrease costs. Be sure to also remain consistent with the image you are trying to portray, you do not want the location to take away from the overall theme.

Overall, be sure to do plenty of research and seek various opinions, don’t settle and take the surroundings into consideration. With these tips, you’re well on your way to securing the perfect venue to bring your vision to life and eliminate a significant amount of stress (and unexpected costs) leading up to your event. Cheers to that!

Thanks for reading!
~JY (@Favors_and_more Intern)

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