Is Event Planning right for you?

Although the event industry does not necessarily require you to be the next Einstein, it’s not exactly as intuitive as many people may believe; there is a strategy behind everything you do in this industry. Every client has their own brand, distinctive personality and ultimately have very specific needs.  It is your responsibility to make their experience the best it can be and deliver first-class designs for all event attendees.  So how do you make it in this industry?





It is very difficult to make it in the event planning industry if you are not interested in it.  You must love what you do and you must be passionate about it. Show that you have a passion for making your clients events as memorable as you can possibly make them.  Event planning is not a 9-5 job.  This is the type of career that will have you working at all hours of the day….almost non-stop!  You need to be dedicated to giving up some of your free time, especially weekends, so say good-bye to your social life for a while (especially when you are starting off), so that you can focus on your goals.  There will be a lot expected from you, and you must dedicate as much time as you can to achieve it all.  We don’t want to scare you off because event planning can be a very fun and exciting career, but you should know up-front that it does involve a lot of hard work. To achieve a successful career you must be cognizant of the fact that it is a customer service based industry.  And you will have to dedicate yourself to making sure your client’s needs are satisfied as they will can help (or hurt) our career.


In this business creativity is a must!  Every event must be unique in its own way.  Make sure your creativity is seen through everyone’s eyes.  Others will go above and beyond to hand craft an unforgettable event with everlasting details, so be sure to go that extra mile for your clients.  The client hired YOU to make their event better than they could have ever imagined. Some clients will be hands-on while others won’t be.  It will be your responsibility to do everything in your power so that your clients vision of their event is perfect. You have to be able to take someone’s dream and bring it to life. Last but not least, you have to be able to handle the changes that the clients may throw at you even after the ideas have been sorted out and “finalized”.  Think outside of the box and MAKE EVERY EVENT TOP NOTCH!


Event planning is often a career that gets misjudged. Many people just assume that in this field it’s all fun and games. Unfortunately, that is not the case, during an event there are so many responsibilities to keep in mind.  These events are about making your clients and their guests happy. You must get experience in order to learn how to handle your time, and be able to manage many aspects of an entire event on your own.  This takes a lot of time and knowledge and the more experience you have, the better. Event planning is not just about picking out balloon colors and a cake, there’s a lot of detail behind it.  Try to work for someone else first, volunteer your time so you can learn things that you don’t already know.  Never be afraid to ask questions from other planners.  KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!


Before getting hired to do the job, people will want to see the kind of work you have done in the past. You should provide your clients with images of past events you have worked on. A portfolio helps you stand out and helps you keep your past work in an organized fashion.  Always update your collection as this will help to show that you have what it takes to do the job. Not only should your portfolio include images of your past events, it should also include recommendation letters and reviews from previous clients.  The more they see, the better!

Check out this article called “You Know you’re an Event Planner When.” We can’t agree with the author any more, as it encompasses everything we go through and then some!

If you are ready to work your butt off, break a nail, shed some blood, sweat and tears as well as have the time of your life… This may just be the industry for you!!

Thanks for reading!

~Jen Ysabel & Yosie



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