Work it Out Wednesdays – “30 Minutes to a Sexier you!”

Today I want to introduce a 30 Minute workout that can be done anywhere and everywhere.  The best thing is that you don’t need any equipment! All you will need is your own body weight for resistance, and 30 seconds of rest time in between each set.  In order to see results you will need to dedicate this routine for 3 days a week for the first 3 weeks as a starter. You need to make sure you increase the intensity as the week’s progress. Also try and add cardio into your routine on the remaining two days of the week. Within a month you will start feeling better, healthier  and looking Sexier than ever!!

Are you ready?  Here it is:

1. 7 Minute Warm up: Jumping jacks, Jump rope, Jog in place, or even dance to your favorite song 

2. One minute of Squats- Feel free to do Jumping Squats or Sumo Squats


3. One minute of pushups-For beginners you can keep your knees on the ground but try to push yourself so you can learn to hold your own weight


4. One minute of Lunges- Mix between forward lunges and reverse lunges once you get the hang of it


5. One minute of Chair dips-Be sure to keep your abs tight!


6.  Two minutes of cardio-Mix between Mountain Climbers & Burpees


mountain climber



7. One minute of Ab exercise-Alternating the exercises after 12 reps of each to complete the minute  


8. Take 30 second break

Repeat 2-8 Two More Times

I hope you are as motivated as I am to creating the SEXIEST body you have always wanted! #NOEXCUSES


Thanks for Reading!




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