Sugar Rush!

Growing up, every girl dreams of having a BIG Sweet 16 Party.  Besides their wedding, many girls become excited as they plan what their party theme would be.  The themes have become more & more unique so instead of the usual “Pink & White”  traditional color scheme party with no theme, s popular request amongst teenage girls is the Candyland theme. We want to share with you our latest Candyland Theme display we designed for Bryanna’s Sweet 16.


Photo Aug 25, 6 36 59 PM


Below are some of the sweet’s we used for the amazing candy display which was a hit. We incorporated all the colors in in the rainbow to give it that burst of color it needed. Some of the candies we used were Skittles, Gumballs, Twizzler’s, Runts, Sour worms, Jolly Ranchers  & lots of Whirly Pops.

photo 2  1239541_10151957690598436_95408712_n

553028_10151957690483436_387816182_n  563966_10151957690698436_1114959615_n  995495_10151957689413436_1707522100_n

1175206_10151957689453436_628912577_n  1240465_10151957690278436_136707542_n  1238786_10151957691418436_1518336285_n

We were also able to incorporate some fascinating Pastries made by the one and only  Betsania Cruz Salcedo from Penthouse Sweets. She made colorful Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods, Cake Pops, Chocolate Covered Oreos and Marshmallow Pops, which were a great addition to the candy display.

1175747_10151957689323436_1084653454_n     DSC_0047

560534_10151957690398436_1532822419_n     526566_10151957689208436_1276722596_n

Here’s a closer look at the Sweet centerpieces and party favors that were made by the extraordinarily talented Rosie Castillo from Cakes Around the Rosie.  This was her nieces Birthday party so she wanted to make sure the event was above and beyond her niece’s imagination.

1236420_10151957688448436_240993414_n  DSC_0003

Each party favor was a small Gumball Machine which had a Message that Read ” Thank you for making my day so Sweet” and a Special note  “Instagram My Sweet 16.”  This is a great way to capture all your photos that your guests have taken throughout the night!




Rosie also Created the gorgeous Topsy Curvy cake.  It was perfect for the Candy Land Sweet 16. Check it out!

DSC_0013      1175174_10151957688933436_32746148_n

Here is a Close up of the Doll on the cake.  Her dress even matched the dress on the birthday girl!

1237054_10151957688618436_1994651450_n  DSC_0019

We hope you found the party as Sweet as we did!

Vendor Credits:

Cake, Centerpieces & Party Favors: Rosie Castillo – Cakes Around the Rosie

Pastries: Betsania Salcedo of Penthouse Sweets Instagram: @penthousesweets

Candy Bar Labels & Custom Sign: Leydi Rodriguez of Ley Designs  Instagram: @leydesigns

Candy Bar, Backdrop and Pictures: @_MissYosi_ & @Yomi1221 of Favors & More Instagram: @Favors_and_More

Thank you for reading!

~ Danisa Valerio


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