Work it out Wednesdays – Prep for your Dress!

Whether you have found your gown or not, here are some helpful hints to help you get fit for your style dress.

If you are interested in the Sheath Style Gown you will want to aim for a lustrous and flat torso. Focus on these workouts:



  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart and hold a medium kettlebell with both hands (if you don’t have one that is fine). You can hold either side of the weight, the handle, which is easier and adds more momentum
  • Keeping the elbows bent and into the body, Squeeze your abs and rotate the torso to the right, rotate as far as you can and focus on the abs. Keep the lower body stable and the hips square.
  • Rotate the torso to the left, again focusing on the abs.

Standing side crunches / bends


  • Stand in the same position as you did for the twist, with your abs squeezed in and your toes facing forwards.
  • Lift your left knee towards your left arm, bringing your elbow down to meet it. Hold, then return to the starting position. Repeat on the right and do a total of 20 repetitions on each side.

If you are set on an open-back dress, you will wants an upper-lower back workout to help tone up that important rear view. Focus on these workouts:

One-arm rows


  • Stand with your left side next to the front of a bench (or a coffee table or couch). Place your left foot and left hand on the bench. Keeping your chest parallel to the ground, hold a dumbbell in your right hand. Let your arm hang straight down with your palm facing your thigh.
  • Slowly pull the dumbbell up until it meets your hip. You will feel a  muscle contraction in your upper back (that means it’s working!). Repeat 10 times, then switch sides.



  • Lie on a mat or the floor with your knees bent, hip-width apart, and your feet flat on the floor. Hold a dumbbell in one hand (or one in each) and extend your arms up over your body, so that your arms form a 90-degree angle with your chest.
  • Keep your elbows slightly bent, lower the dumbbell slowly back behind your head as far as you can. (You should feel a stretch in your back muscles.) Next, lift the dumbbells back into the starting position above your body, squeezing your back muscles as you go. Do 10 repetitions per set.

If you are set on a Strapless dress you want to focus on toned triceps, biceps and pectorals to really strut your strapless dress. Focus on these workouts:

Bicep curls


  • Standing with your feet hip-width apart and knees slightly bent (or not), pull in your stomach and tuck your pelvis in. Hold a heavier pair of dumbbells at your sides, palms facing forward.
  • Keeping your elbows close to your sides, slowly curl the dumbbells towards your shoulders. Then reverse direction and lower the dumbbells to the starting position. Try not to lock your elbows. Do 10 repetitions per set. Be sure to make them slow and steady you’ll get a bigger benefit from this exercise if you are concentrated and control your movement. If you feel like the weights are not easy to pick up, they may be too heavy, so switch to a lighter dumbbell.

Flat dumbbell flys


  • Lie on a bench or on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat, shoulder-width apart. First stretch out your arms on the floor so your body makes a T. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, keeping your elbows slightly bent, and keeps your palms facing up towards the ceiling.
  • Slowly raise the weights up in a rounded arc, gently touching the dumbbells together at the top above your body. Hold for a few seconds, then slowly lower the weights back to their starting positions. Do 10 repetitions per set.

Tricep dips-These are my favorite!!


  • Sit on a bench or a sturdy chair. Place your hands on the front edge of the seat, fingertips facing forward. Keep your feet flat on the floor, hip-width apart and out in front of you. Lean forward off the seat chair, keeping your hands where they are.
  • Keeping your arms close to your body, bend your elbows until your upper arms are parallel to the floor, allowing your butt to go down past the edge of the chair. Using your arms to lift you, reverse direction and push yourself back up to the point at which your arms are straight. Start with 10 then work up to 15 dips per set.

Between all these workouts be sure to get your rest! IF you are not sleeping enough hours In the night your body will not show improvement the way it should.

Happy Training & Thank you for Reading!


#yourbootcampdiva 😉


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