Work it out Wednesdays – Let’s Trim the Fat!

I know personally that my problem area has always been my waist. Especially after becoming a mother of two, my body has changed tremendously. I have learned how to monitor my intake and work out enough to keep the fat off. Not only do you want a nice waistline for your wedding dress, so that you have that perfect silhouette, but you can pull off a bikini on your honeymoon while feeling great about yourself.

First and foremost, like everyone has heard “ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN” and I agree 100%. I always thought that working out was the main priority when it came to abs, but the truth is you can work on your abs all day, every day and you won’t see any change until you change your food intake. Just a few months back I started “juicing” (drinking veggie and fruit meals) and that helped me tremendously…I saw a big difference in my tummy. I know many people think the juices look gross or may taste gross, but to be honest I love how they taste and you can learn so many different recipes that you will end up loving them on your own.

I want to focus on a few tips on how to trim the fat! I want to help you learn some easy steps on how to treat your body better as well as get you feeling better for your big day and for the days to come after that!

1. Cut your calories per day. Believe it or not, getting rid of that one extra cookie or cup of juice/soda will help you tremendously. I personally cut all white carbs and caffeine out of my diet and saw a drastic change in my body. I had more energy and didn’t feel bloated all the time. I don’t even drink any of that stuff till this day nor do I indulge on bread or pasta or even rice (oh my!!!) and that’s hard for Hispanics, but when you really want something you make that change.

2. CARDIO. One of the most effective ways to reduce fat on your waist as well as the ret of your body is running, and if you don’t like running…go for a jog or a fast paced walk! It’s best to try and do Cardio atleast 3-4 times a week, even if it’s the elliptical machine, I say go on it for 30 min at a minimum. If you aren’t a member of a gym, wake up 30 mins earlier and run around your town, keep in mind to constantly switch up your pace when you are running – run, then sprint, then speed walk for 60 seconds and redo it.

3. Change your intake. Have you ever noticed that when you much on snacks you are still hungry afterwards? Junk food is not filling! Like I said before eating better is key, try to keep a log of what you eat. Don’t be afraid to try new recipes, salmon and tilapia have been my favorite lately. Add more fish and protein to your diet, especially with your greens! Pre-pack your lunch and always take a fruit or almost for snack. Try juicing!! I can’t say it enough! It has helped me so much! Email me for recipes if you want!

4. Don’t skip meals. When I say eat better I don’t mean eat less. That will only make you eat more per serving. Try to have 3 small portions and 3 normal meals a day. When you miss meals, your body goes into starvation mode and automatically wants to eat everything. DON’T DO THIS! Make sure you have a high protein breakfast, a snack, lunch, another snack, then a healthy dinner with less carbs, and your last snack. (By snacks I mean fruits, veggies, yogurt, nuts, etc.) Try to finish all your meals before 7p.m. so you have enough time to digest.

5. Sleep. I know for a fact then when I don’t go to bed at a reasonable time I get really hungry late at night and that’s a horrible time to be eating. Your stomach needs to rest… just like we do. When you eat late at night and go right to sleep your stomach doesn’t digest properly and you will continuously gain weight like this. Try to aim for 7-8 hours of sleep per night.

Aside from these awesome steps, challenge yourself with some Ab routines that will be sure to help you achieve the look you want. For the hanging leg raises … not everyone has that bar at home, but if you are at the gym you can get those done. I try to do all these routines at least 3-4 times a week and I love the way I feel and look!


Thank you for reading..Happy Training!




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