Work-Life Balance

It’s important that we as event planners, designers, florists, DJs, photographers, videographers, bakers and whatever other vendor participates in the Event industry, that we keep in mind the value of work life balance.

Your clients may want to contact you via email, phone or text at all hours of the day, but that doesn’t mean you should write back in the middle of the night or at 6am (unless those are your work hours). You may wake up in the middle of the night and think “what better time to send emails or finish up the paper products for the upcoming baby or bridal shower”, but without an appropriate amount of sleep, how productive can you be at your work or at client meetings? Set aside your work day hours and try to live a normal life outside of your work hours. Otherwise, all hours of the day will be dedicated to your craft and you will have no time to yourself.

If you have a family, or are in a relationship, be sure to set aside quality time with your loved ones so that they don’t always feel like you are forever working. And by quality time, I mean that when you are with your wife/husband/partner/children/ or other family and friends, put ASIDE your electronic devices. They want you to focus your energy on them and not divide it between them and your upcoming events.

Set aside time to do what you love, whether that is reading, dancing, watching TV, going out to dinner with friends, playing pool, going fishing, pampering yourself…whatever it may be, take time to do what you love, with the people you love.

Life shouldn’t always be about excel spreadsheets, filing taxes, planning/prepping for or decorating an event, editing photos or footage of an event, calling clients and working on contracts and this and that….you get the picture, the list could go on and on! The event industry can definitely keep you busy! But remember that your work shouldn’t consume your entire life. You only live once…so make sure you are living it!!

Now for the challenging part….how do I follow my own advice with my crazy schedule?!?! Help!!!

All the best,


2 thoughts on “Work-Life Balance

    • Thats great! It gets easier, you start enjoying it after a while especially when you see results!! Stay tuned because every Wednesday it’s “Work-it-out” Wednesdays and I blog about awesome bootcamp training tips 😉

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