Candy Anyone?

Let’s be honest, besides my beautiful grandmother and probably yours, not many people want to take home party favors after an event anymore.  “So what should we give our guests as a ‘Thank You’?” you may ask.  Here’s a suggestion…How about some CANDY, CAKEPOPS, PASTRIES or ALL THINGS SWEET!!  Not only do people LOVE to see the amazing candy displays, but they love to eat candy and would gladly take some home.  We have watched this awesome trend of Candy Displays as Favors BOOM this year!

With only about one year of creating Custom Candy Displays, our love for them had grown immensely!  Our custom-made and quite personalized candy and dessert displays are an eye-catching and a scrumptious highlight for any event.  We custom design our displays so they can be created in any size, theme, color and style.  We love to style your Candy Display to perfectly match the theme of your event and even your personality.  We can provide everything needed to have your guests saying “WOW” as soon as they walk into your event.

Take a look at some of our recent Candy Displays!

“Welcome Baby Anabelle”


Sweet 16 Candyland Theme


Chocolate Lovers-Wedding Display


Tiffany Themed Event 


Halloween Themed Baby Shower


Christmas Themed Event


No matter the size of your event, our team is dedicated to making your event as memorable as possible by creating the most amazing Candy Display your guests have yet to see.  We want your guests to remember you and your event. It is always best to keep it a surprise so that your guests are in complete shock when they enter the venue.

    Here are some closeups!



600510_10151529076728436_1141206710_n 538089_10151529075088436_42408149_n





Allow Favors & More to sweeten up your guests with a custom designed candy buffet that will not only bring back childhood memories, but will also leave an everlasting memory!

Please e-mail us for a quote:

Thanks for reading!




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