Wedding Do’s and Don’ts for Guests

We have seen some interesting things happen at weddings during the past couple of years so we’d like to share some Wedding Tips which may help you at the next wedding you attend. Here are some “Wedding Do’s and Don’ts”.

When it comes to clothing, please:

  • don’t wear white or red. You never want to take attention away from the bride. White is her color. Try to stay away from ivory, eggshell, cream and absolutely any other shade that might remotely resemble white. Confession: I must admit that I did wear a short off white dress to a wedding once because I wanted until the last minute to buy something. Even though I had a large blue scarf to cover up the dress, I felt like I had made the biggest mistake of my life and still feel horrible about it. :o(
  • don’t knowingly wear the same color/style dress as the bridesmaids
  • do pay attention to the dress code. If it’s a causal invitation with sea shells and sand dollars, please don’t wear a long silk dress. If the invitation is engraved, scripted and formal, please don’t wear a cotton sundress. If you have to, feel free to ask the bride and groom if something is appropriate or not.
  • don’t wear anything revealing or flashy. Sequins? No. Floral Print? No. Lots of cleavage/thigh? Also no. If you look in the mirror and think, “Hmm…is this really OK to wear?” The answer is: No.
  • don’t leave your uncomfortable stiletto heels thrown in the hallway or some other random location. If you bring a pair of nice (classy) sandals to change into, please hide your shoes under the table and don’t walk around with Old Navy slippers please! See below for a picture we took at a wedding just yesterday!

photo 2photo 1

When it comes to the Ceremony and Reception, please:

  • RSVP.
  • do send a gift if you can’t attend.
  • don’t show up at the reception if your invitation clearly only invites you to the ceremony.
  • do get there on time. Check the distance, look into the traffic, don’t overbook yourself and plan to be at the ceremony 20 to 30 minutes early. Confession: I just went to a wedding and didn’t plan head so I didn’t know it would be an hour away. I was incredibly sad to have missed the beautiful ceremony.
  • don’t get in the photographer’s way to take your own pictures. The bride and groom paid a lot for those pictures, please let the photographer do their job.
  • do put your phone and other electronic device on silent or vibrate.
  • don’t talk to the bride and groom for an hour when they are making their rounds. They would love to chat with you, but they have another 134 people to talk to. Keep it short.
  • don’t assume you can bring a date. Unless it says “and guest” on the invitation, only you should be attending. And please, DON’T call the bride and ask if you can bring a date, either. If it were in their budget, the bride and groom would’ve extended the extra invitation
  • don’t come empty handed, but also, DON’T bring a large gift to the wedding. The last thing the bride and groom need to worry about is lugging home large gifts after such a long day.
  • do sit at your assigned seat.
  • do sign the guestbook. The wedding is oftentimes a bit blurry for the couple, and they will want to remember everyone who attended. Many brides and grooms have a fear of their guests not having a good time at the reception. Give them some peace of mind by getting out of your chair and onto the dance floor. Also, mingle with new and old friends and smile – no matter how much you hate the Electric Slide.
  • don’t get wasted. No need to elaborate here.
  • do remember your favor. Even if you HATE it!! The couple probably put a lot of time and money into those things as a way to say thank you for coming. Take it!! Even if you throw it out when you get home.

What are some Dont’s that you’ve seen other people do, or that maybe you unknowingly did when you attended a wedding?

Best of luck!!



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