Are you planning an event for yourself or guests?

Don’t feed into the misconception of not being able to bake your cake and eat it too!

You can plan your event ANDDDD enjoy it!! A lot of times when you are planning an event to celebrate a milestone or accomplishment in your own life, you could easily forget who you are planning it for. You start taking into consideration other peoples ideas, interests, likes and dislikes and the next thing you know, you get lost in the mix. Keep in mind…the event is to celebrate you!!! Don’t lose yourself in the planning. Don’t allow external forces to get in the way of making your special day as magical as you have envisioned it. Plan the event of your life to celebrate YOU and do it to YOUR taste and desires.

Whether you’re getting married, celebrating your baby shower (unless someone is planning it secretly for you) or any other special occasion, the special day you are planning is yours and it should be designed as such.
If you’re planning your wedding, put aside what your bridesmaids, lovely mother-in-law and/or your “OMG” best friend is saying and think about what you want and how you want this day to be.

It’s okay to be a bit selfish! You should focus on what you like, the vendors you want to work with and envision what you want the outcome of your event to be. The memories of this special day are what follow you forever, make it everything you expected and more!

~Jennifer Ysabel~


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