Dear Groom…

Dear Groom,

Congratulations on your recent engagement!!  We know you are super excited about choosing the theme, colors, flowers and favors for your wedding.  Or not!  And that’s completely fine.  🙂

Although the wedding planning process may seem like it’s loaded with things women “should” be doing, there are plenty of goodies you can help out with.  You may even enjoy it!  Your level of involvement will determine whether or not you feel like a guest at your own wedding and it will help keep your fiancé sane throughout the process.

“How could I possibly be involved?” you ask?  You can most likely help in a couple (or all) of these areas:

  • Putting together the Guest List and Seating Arrangement
  • Designing and printing your engagement announcement and/or save-the-date
  • Working on your wedding website (if you choose to have one)
  • Writing your own wedding vows
  • Managing your wedding budget (assuming you’re good at math and/or using Microsoft Excel…lol).  Keep in mind that whatever budget you decide on, you’ll exceed it by about 15-20%.  Sad, but usually very true.
  • Helping negotiate contracts with vendors (this will help with the bullet point above)
  • Selecting a couple of Venues, DJs/Bands, Photographers/Videographers, Day-Of Coordinators, etc. to choose from and setting up meetings.  We suggest you meet with all of the vendors together.  This will help keep you and your fiancé on the same page (especially when it comes to the budget)
  • Selecting Songs / Playlists / “do-not-play” list
  • Looking for a dance company you feel comfortable taking lessons with (especially necessary if you have two left feet)
  • Selecting Food and Drink menu
  • Choosing the Limo / Car Service
  • Tipping the Vendors – Gratuities are a big part of wedding etiquette.  Research how much to tip vendors such as florists, photographers and entertainers.

If that is not enough to work on…here is one more thing for the list.  Above all, and most importantly, remember your number 1 duty is to be supportive!  The love of your life needs you to be there for her when things seem to be falling apart (even though everything is probably going really well).  ;o)

Thanks in advance for all of your help during the planning process!!


Every Bride in the World



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