Dessert Time!

When you think of special events such as Weddings and Birthday parties, one thing that comes to mind is the dessert…particularly the cake that is typically cut and distributed at the end of the night. When the cake comes out, it tells the guests that the event is almost over and it is sometimes considered taboo to leave any special event before the cake is cut! In the Dominican culture you haveeeee to have cake anddddd you have to take a piece home for the people who didn’t make it to the party! I love my culture!

A traditional cake can get costly, especially because of the price of fondant and some gourmet fillings can really put a dent in your budget. Cake slices can cost upwards of $10 per slice and that’s before the frills, delivery charge, tax etc.! To help with the cost and/or to break the mold of the traditional cake cutting ceremony, some couples are opting for one or more of the options listed below for the guests to enjoy:

  • Cupcakes – an elegant cupcake tower can definitely be a memorable way to share your sweet love and the cool thing is that you can have a variety of flavors to choose from so your guests may choose a flavor they love! This may also be a cost effective method.
  • A Donut Tower – You can dress these up and really make a great impression on your guests. Truth be told… who doesn’t LOVE donuts?!? For more images of this wedding, click HERE.


  • A Pie Table – This can definitely be budget friendly because if you have family members or friends that are awesome bakers, you can ask them to kindly bring a different home-baked pie. Otherwise you can hire an awesome bakery that specializes in pies and you have a hit!
  • Unfrosted cake – A bit less expensive than a regular fondant or frosted tiered cake and can look really unique and beautiful! Cake below by: Momofuku Milk Bar. For more images of this wedding, click HERE.


  • Cake Pops – Yummy bite-size cakes that come in a variety of flavors, can be customized to almost any design now-a-days and are quite filling too!
  • Ice Cream – you can have a sundae-bar and have a variety of ice cream flavors and toppings with this option.
  • Dessert Shots – various types of desserts in little cups can be displayed on towers, at a dessert station/bar.
  • Candy Buffets – This visually appealing, self-serve option is a guarantee brownie-point winner. You can just offer up tons of yummy sweet treats, which can be considered a favor for your guests as well! Guests love Favors & More candy buffets!

Whatever you decide to go with, I’m sure your guests will be pleased because most people looooove sweets! Good luck with your decision and enjoy!!



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