Wedding Wednesday: Red Roses

Tansir & Juan Carlos’ wedding was one that we looked forward to for quite some time.  Not only was it a wedding for a member of our family, but it was the first wedding we did on a Golf Course!  It took place at Pelham Bay & Split Rock Golf Course.  This is a really amazing venue, and we can’t wait to work there again.  The land has beautiful spaces for pictures (assuming great weather) and the food is delicious!  This wedding was held in the all-white outdoor tented area that has a spacious dance floor.

One thing we love about doing the floral arrangements for our brides is that we get to really bring their visions to life.  Our bride Tansir wanted Red Roses all over the venue & the Ceremony area and she opted for beautiful high and low pomander ball centerpieces.  She wanted a lush red rose bouquet with some bling on it which we loved making and it looked great!  The ceremony took place outside, in front of a gorgeous white Gazebo where we hung two floral arrangements full of Red Roses.  Lastly, we placed small Rose bouquets at every other chair down the aisle….the perfect finishing touch!

Venue: Pelham Bay & Split Rock Golf Course
Floral Design By: Favors & More, LLC

252441_232796956737318_6163077_n     246976_232796120070735_3410887_n     247059_232798543403826_794566_n

247928_232797976737216_5475050_n          247120_232799270070420_2641474_n

251389_232795456737468_3521573_n         260013_232795590070788_1170169_n

260442_232799656737048_2070099_n        249640_232800440070303_7041870_n

260384_232798643403816_4907888_n        249947_232798320070515_4589628_n

253424_232797030070644_3453392_n        252831_232797170070630_229796_n

247833_232796660070681_5253231_n     249676_232794950070852_3353452_n     249766_232795366737477_7804662_n

                                    249729_232797060070641_7143697_n     247204_232797203403960_292447_n



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