#Hashtag your Event

Picture this: You are planning your daughters upcoming Sweet 16, your sons Bar Mitzvah, your Wedding, or some other awesome life event. You know everyone will be taking fabulous pictures and posting them all over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler and every other Social Media site known to man. How could you possibly see all of those pictures that will be floating around the world wide web? Will you ask every single invited guest to email or text them to you one by one, or to send you a link to a Dropbox folder or some other medium like Hightail.com (Previously YouSendIt.com)? Or will you just hope that maybe, just maybe you will run across one or two pictures? A cool, relatively new, way of getting your event photos is by asking your guests to #Hashtag any photos taken your event when they are posting pictures to any social media sites.

If you have an entrance table with a guest seating arrangement, you can place a nice little frame with a reminder of your hashtag name. You can write something like “Please don’t forget to hashtag our event photos with #MarysFabSweet16”

Here are some tips to consider:

  • Make it unique – Be sure to look up the hashtag on Instagram for instance before deciding on what the name will be.
  • Try not to make it toooooo long!
  • Make it memorable so people don’t have to run back to the seating arrangement to remember what it is
  • Have the DJ or MC announce it at some point throughout the night to remind your guests to use this

Some of the Hashtags we consistently use at Favors & More include:

  • #favors_and_more
  • #favorsandmore
  • #teamfavorsandmore
  • #yourdecoratingdiva

Check them out on Instagram to see some of our work!

Happy hashtagging!

Here is a pretty funny article regarding hashtagging that gives various important tips: “4 Ways to Avoid Being a Hashtag D*$^%bag



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