Planning for the Marriage and not just the Wedding

“You cannot build a dream on a foundation of sand. To weather the test of storms, it must be cemented in the heart with uncompromising conviction.”
-T.F. Hodge

On our one-hour drive to our cousins wedding, “building a healthy marriage” was the topic of conversation. We have been in the wedding industry for a couple of years now and it’s a blessing that all of the weddings we have worked on have been between two people that genuinely love one another and it’s apparent that their union will last a lifetime.

Unfortunately, not all relationships are built with a solid foundation and some end before the honeymoon stage is over. It’s important while planning a wedding to keep in mind the key reasons why you are together. Try to spend more time planning your marriage than planning your wedding day.

The bride and groom should take active roles in planning all aspects of their lives together to ensure a long, healthy matrimony. Participate in activities you both love and enjoy, go on dates every now and again, surprise each other with thoughtful gifts to show one another how much you appreciate each another, help keep your partner motivated in all aspects of life and always keep in mind the core reasons you are together.

Love, communication, trust, loyalty, honesty, intimacy, support and compromise are some of the many building blocks to ensure a strong foundation. Best of luck to all the happy couples in the world!!

“The million-dollar question you must ask yourself is: Would you take a shack on the rock or a castle in the sand? The foolish man will chose to build his house on sandy soil where he has easy access and less struggle in building his dream. The wise-man on the other hand, will chose to build his house on a rocky hill, where it is hard to access, more work in building, but is definitely more secure. When the storm inevitably hits, the sandy castle is finished! While the shack on the rocks will be safe and sound allowing the wise-man more opportunity to keep building his dream!” -Ash Cash



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